From a humble village to a cosmopolitan city Dubai has transformed from a humble fishing village to one of the most cosmopolitan and. Download these free tourist maps to help plan your trip to Dubai, including a helpful guidebook, attractions map, subway map, and more. decided to create this handy-sized, helpful guide to help you on your way. Rather than class of travel, at our lounges in Dubai and Bahrain.

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This travel guide is for your general information only and is not intended as Dubai. Sheikh Zayed. Grand Mosque. This colossal and beautiful. DESTINATION GUIDE. – Dubai Visitor Essentials –. TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS. Dubai works hard to make it easy to visit the city. There are flight options from. Dubai is the place to be if you wish to witness what loads of money could do to a place. Emerging as one of the most preferred destinations for tourists, Dubai.

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Traditions and mentality of Dubai Indifferent attitude of the locals to jewelry has always remained one of main features of the locals. Tourists can see diversity of the local jewelry in any local market.

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Although the locally produced gold is often not distinguished by high fineness, we simply cannot fail to pay tribute to local jewelers as they create true pieces of art from gold and silver. The local folklore also deserves special attention as … Open Travel guide to Dubai In modern and dynamic Dubai, there is the very colorful historical Bastakia Quater, which will be an interesting place for hiking.

The main part of the buildings presented here was erected at the beginning of the 19th century. Many historic buildings managed to preserve their original appearance. Today in many historical buildings, there are interesting souvenir shops, craft shops and workshops, as well as … Open Dubai for children - what to visit For those who like to walk around picturesque natural places, in Dubai, it is worth visiting the Dubai Miracle Garden.

It is an amazingly beautiful landscaped garden with a lot of unusual ornaments, living figures and beautiful flower beds. Children are sure to like the flower houses and cars covered with live flowers, huge mushrooms and fabulous figures composed of real flowers.

Places To Visit in Dubai

This park is not accidentally … Open Shopping, streets and outlets Dubai Mall is known to be the world's largest trading center. It takes a whole day to bypass all the shopping galleries.Compare travel booking sites. Dubai Miracle Garden Tickets 4.

Dubai Creek cuts through the heart of Dubai and traditional Arab dhows can often be seen criss-crossing the water body. Hotels in Dubai. At The Top - Burj Khalifa.

Slides, lagoons, roller coasters, pools — the fun seems to never end at this exciting water park in the Atlantis Palm Jumeirah Hotel. The printable map of Dubai is extremely useful for tourists who want to have an actual copy of the map of Dubai.

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